Gracious professionalism

In 2008, I took a job as a Penn faculty physician and relocated our family of three to Philadelphia. Our first experience with Deidre was very positive, as she showed us the beautiful 3,000 sq. ft. 3-bedroom town house in South Philadelphia that we ended up renting for almost four years. She was very professional, pleasant and helpful. We remained in touch over the years as she checked in with us and acted as our liaison to our landlord for several property related issues that came up. During our interaction, my wife and I noticed that she was always very responsive, well informed and professional. Even though Deidre is constantly busy, she always responded to our needs quickly and effectively. I referred several friends to her whom she helped find properties, and one colleague who listed their house with her. I heard very positive feedback from all of my referred friends and they were all appreciative of her professionalism and personality. By 2012, our family had grown and my oldest son was finishing the second grade. After much debate (my wife and I both loved South Philly and our awesome neighbors!), we decided to finally make the big move to the ‘burbs’. We were interested in >$1 million homes in the Main Line area that spanned several possible townships and school districts. We initially interviewed several experienced real estate agents with a strong Main Line area focus. Although they seemed very capable, we didn’t feel that our needs and priorities were their only focus. This was our second time buying a home. Lessons and regret from our first home-buying experience (in Michigan) taught us why an honest agent is so imperative. My wife and I decided that “trust” was the most important trait in an agent that we wanted, so we ultimately went with our instincts and chose Deidre as our agent. Thank God we did. Over the next four months, we spent any and all of our free time visiting open houses and listings. We spent evenings and weekends combing over countless neighborhoods, talking to neighbors, crawling in basements with flashlights, and exploring beautiful, intriguing and sometimes frightful Main Line homes. During these months, my idea of my ideal house went through major paradigm shifts and often my opinions clashed with my wife’s. As we visited and revisited dozens of homes, there seemed to be an endless list of questions, reminders and priorities that ranged from school districts to sump pumps to kitchen layout. As we went from our 20th house to our 50th house, it seemed exponentially impossible to keep details straight. As we leaned heavily on Deidre during this process, I made many interesting observations about Deidre, which made me really appreciate her style. Old fashioned value: Every time my wife and I asked a question that couldn’t be answered, Deidre wrote it down. That night before she went to bed (sometimes at midnight), she would send me an email addressing line-by-line every one of our questions. If she couldn’t get an answer right away, she would always get back to me regarding an unanswered question. From the moment we went under agreement, ‘til closing, I felt this single quality alone made Deidre totally worth every penny. Relaxed discipline: Often, I would inadvertently bait a question or make a statement to try to get her to agree with me (or disagree with my wife) or to get her opinion on the house we were looking at. I was always impressed with her constant professional discipline. She never peppered the conversation with her preferences in a home we were walking through. Her responses and opinions were always directed within the context of our priorities and the needs of “our home.” When I would get distracted, she would gently redirect me back to what was important, without being pushy. Especially towards the end of our process, I came to value this quality most about Deidre. Gracious professionalism: During this process, I felt certain priorities as a homebuyer change or shift. For example: Our preferred price point changed, and I realized I didn’t actually like very old homes. I knew that telling Deidre these things would completely change the day that she had so carefully spent arranging. Deidre is the consummate professional. She never displayed her disappointment or frustration and always adapted with grace and pleasant demeanor. She made us feel that the number one priority was getting us into the house that we really wanted. My wife and I have been extremely pleased with our experience with Deidre Quinn and cannot recommend her highly enough. We felt that she went above and beyond to get us into the home of our dreams. In June of 2012, our dream became reality as we moved into our beautiful 5-bedroom home in Radnor, PA with our three children. There are many good agents who do their best, but when it comes to finding and buying your dream home, you need a capable agent you can trust, who will go the distance, and reliably close the deal. You won’t find one better than Deidre Quinn. Thanks Deidre!”