Selling …

Selling your house takes more than just hanging a For Sale sign. It requires deploying an intricate combination of right price, right timing and right strategy to ensure you get the best deal for your home.

This is where Deidre Quinn & associates excels.

What sets us apart is the time we take to know you and your home, and to combine that knowledge with a deep understanding of the market and market trends. We make selling your house easier at every step of the process, from setting the right price, to staging your home for widest appeal, to setting a comprehensive marketing plan. We are skilled negotiators, whose attention to detail ensures you the highest selling price possible.

Our clients know that we are not satisfied until they get the best price and terms for their home. This is why we have had the privilege of seeing 95 percent of our customers become repeat clients, and of longtime clients referring us to new customers.

Let us help you sell your house today.

You correctly predicted the upswing in the market, the appropriate price for the home, and the measures which would need to be taken to get the house properly prepared and ready to be sold. All of your recommendations for vendors were spot on.”
Evan and Jeanine Caplan

We really appreciate the way you explained your strategy and approach through each step of the process. You are excellent at presenting all the options and maintaining an unbiased approach to answering our questions.”
K.  Murray